Connection: The Addiction of Humankind


Today I feel like I’m coming down off some serious drugs (NB: I’ve never actually taken serious drugs). Last night I held my first live webinar called Indomitable Spirit: 3 Cracking Ways to Cultivate Your Backbone. It was amazing to see so many people from all over the world on my screen in my tiny lounge in Chichester. I’m still in awe of how many countries were represented there last night.

For me this is the power of the work I do. Connection. It’s just that simple. We all desire it. We all chase it. We all crave it. It’s the addiction of humankind.

The ability to use my craft to draw people together is the ultimate meaning of yoga for me.

Yoga means union. Whether you want to see that as union with self, with the universe or others. It has the extraordinary capacity to pull people together regardless of age, sex, location or even eating habits!

I don’t need to bang on about how times have changed and how as a society we are more connected, but disconnected than ever before. Last night, as I shared my story with nearly 75 people scattered across the globe, I couldn’t help but to be awestruck by this glorious technology.

How we can be connected to each other. How we can help each other. And, how feeling that sense of connection, even if it was via a computer screen released a ton of love into my body.

Today I am grateful more than ever for connection to you all.

Psst...don't worry if you missed the webinar. I'm holding another next week. You can sign-up for notification of time here