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My London Real interview with Brian Rose

My London Real interview with Brian Rose

It’s all just starting.

I’ve been unconsciously birthing Embodied Badassery into being for decades and it is only in the last 8 weeks that she was fully born with consciousness.

There are a spiral of events that have led me to where I am and who I am now. It can be viewed as heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. But, I am not unique in this. Many people live lives full of tragedy and wonder.

It is really how we choose to use these life experiences that either make us or break us.

I've chosen the former. I have chosen to allow all that I have done to shape me and truly guide me into helping others. I'm finished with playing small. I'm fully stepping into my power.

I say this here not only to you, but as a declaration.

I’ve just completed the London Real Business Accelerator. This was a seriously cathartic course for me and responsible for Embodied Badassery coming into being.

While the course has ended, I’m only at the beginning of this entrepreunurial journey. I’d love to know and hear about what you’d like me to share more of. I know that I've been put here to help people. What do you want to see more of? Please comment below.

And, if you have 15 minutes watch my badass interview with Brian Rose. Click here.

See you all on the flip side.

Connection: The Addiction of Humankind


Today I feel like I’m coming down off some serious drugs (NB: I’ve never actually taken serious drugs). Last night I held my first live webinar called Indomitable Spirit: 3 Cracking Ways to Cultivate Your Backbone. It was amazing to see so many people from all over the world on my screen in my tiny lounge in Chichester. I’m still in awe of how many countries were represented there last night.

For me this is the power of the work I do. Connection. It’s just that simple. We all desire it. We all chase it. We all crave it. It’s the addiction of humankind.

The ability to use my craft to draw people together is the ultimate meaning of yoga for me.

Yoga means union. Whether you want to see that as union with self, with the universe or others. It has the extraordinary capacity to pull people together regardless of age, sex, location or even eating habits!

I don’t need to bang on about how times have changed and how as a society we are more connected, but disconnected than ever before. Last night, as I shared my story with nearly 75 people scattered across the globe, I couldn’t help but to be awestruck by this glorious technology.

How we can be connected to each other. How we can help each other. And, how feeling that sense of connection, even if it was via a computer screen released a ton of love into my body.

Today I am grateful more than ever for connection to you all.

Psst...don't worry if you missed the webinar. I'm holding another next week. You can sign-up for notification of time here

Choose Yourself For Happiness - Self-Care 101

Motivation doesn’t last. Neither do showers. That’s why they’re recommended daily.
— Zig Ziglar

Boom! How about that for a quote. What does this have to do with embodied badassery I can hear you asking.

It’s quite simple. To feel badass we have to take care of ourselves - EVERYDAY. I mean really look after every fiber of being.

By deeply caring for ourselves we boost our inner resources. So when sh*tty things happen we can call on our nest egg of badassery to aid us.

Self care is as easy as pie once you get into a rhythm with it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can build lots of little things in through the day that keep refilling your cup.

Personally, I meditate for at least 15 minutes each morning, I choose to fuel myself with healthy foods, I exercise or do movement of some variety, I have a long hot shower and I make myself a hot water bottle for bedtime.

Nothing really complex, but these things each day give me my super powers. There are times when I do other things for self care, but these are my daily habits

I would love to know what your daily self care practices are.

For now, I’m going to leave you with this little nugget by James Altucher:

“Success in today’s world ONLY happens when you choose yourself. Choose yourself for happiness. Choose yourself for freedom.

Because if you don’t choose yourself, someone else will, and the result won’t be pleasant.”  

It's not my job to make you happy.

Those are fighting words in my house!

Those are fighting words in my house!

Will Smith has a video circulating, on how it’s not his job to make Jada happy or anyone for that matter. As I was listening to his wise words it reminded me of how often I say this to my own children.

They’ll be unhappy about something, likely me buying the wrong brand of potato waffles, really ffs! They’ll kick off. And, I often find myself saying “It’s not my job to make you happy. Happiness is an inside job.”

How we are is totally up to us. It is not anyone else’s responsibility. I know that can be a hard bullet to take. The notion that I’ll be happy when such and such does/says (fill in the blank) is rampant.

The reality is that you’ll be happy when YOU do/say (fill in the blank).

What does this have to do with embodiment? Well, embodiment is how we are. You have the power and the control to be how you want to be.

The fastest way to be how you want to be is through the body (embodiment). It is a much harder slog trying to be how you want to by changing the mind(set). Literally getting into your body will change your mind.

So back to the original premise, it’s not anyone else’s job to make you happy. You can choose happiness.

A simple EYP form is ‘fuck yes’ or 'enthusiasm' posture. Try it and let me know if it changes your happiness level.

Yours in Embodied Badassery.

Fuck Yes! Mouth should be open and have an orgasmic quality to it.

Fuck Yes! Mouth should be open and have an orgasmic quality to it.

So enthusiastic you're literally lifting off the ground.

So enthusiastic you're literally lifting off the ground.

More Wisdom In Your Body Than...

Samurai Patty-Cake Centering Practice

Samurai Patty-Cake Centering Practice

I’m continually surprised by how few people know what embodied means. Taking that even a step further, how that can relate to a yoga practice and our life off the mat. I’m talking even the high-brow spiritual types, the bearded hipsters and the lululemon wearing yogis. Not, only is this fascinating to me, but I also frequently struggle myself to come up with a succinct way to speak about embodiment.

I trip over my words. You’ll hear me say ‘you know what I mean’, in hopes that some fragment of what I have said has landed.

Even more troubling is when I tell people I’m an Embodied Yoga Principles teacher.

Woah! Stop the press! WTF does that mean?

This is my attempt to help share what embodiment means to me and how I use it in my yoga teaching.

Embodiment simply means how we are.


Now, peel back some layers and this is where our mind trickery comes in. How we are in our bodies is not always what our mind tells us. Our brains are weird and wonderful places. The imaginary monkey that lives in our head can spin all kinds of tales; our bodies simply cannot.

Friedrich Nietzsche said “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.” Read that line again!

Cooperative Embodied Warrior

Cooperative Embodied Warrior

So, embodiment is not only how we are, but our ability to feel how we are. How often do we ignore what our body feels in order to carry on with our everyday duties. For example, when that 3pm slump comes, how often do you reach for a coffee or chocolate, instead of actually taking a rest.

Okay, so if embodiment is how we are, what the hell is Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP)? Basically, this is no ordinary yoga. This is not the yoga of dogma, tradition or even transcendence, and definitely not £100 unicorn leggings.

In EYP we use archetypal forms to explore our deep rooted body psychology. There are 26ish* forms that we work with exploring our patterns; in how we say ‘yes’, ‘no’, our boundaries with authority, giving and receiving and so on.  

We take a form, we breathe, we feel our body and notice is the feeling familiar, yearned for, difficult etc. Here is also where we look for deviations in the form, from what was instructed. It’s these little keys that give us information about our patterns in our life off of our yoga mats. From this exploration we expand our awareness about how our body is, thus how we really are. We then get a choice. Do I want to change my embodiment or is it serving me how it is.

When I say let’s do some embodied yoga, I don’t mean let’s roll out the fancy yoga mat and strike body-beautiful yoga poses. I mean let’s listen, deeply listen to what our bodies are showing us about ourselves. Let’s grow our awareness and make impactful life changes that not only helps ourselves, but those that we’re in community with.

In closing, I’ll leave you with this:

How are you?

Let me know in the comments below.

(Stay tuned for my blog about how becoming embodied made me take the biggest step of my adult life.)

*I say ‘ish’ because my colleagues and I are always creating and discovering new ways to learn from our bodies.